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Tretford Roll

Step into a world of quality, vibrancy and distinction, with tretford® natural cord fibre commercial carpets.
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Tretford Roll

The ribbed structure of Tretford® Cord Carpet creates exceptionally clean, elegant lines, central to the overall final ‘feel’ of your internal space.

It’s this unique construction  – in 2 metre wide broadloom – which also reduces airborne dust and allergens, promotes energy saving, and facilitates excellent indoor acoustics.   Tretford® has a stunning 61 colour palette with exceptional soil hiding properties .

Some of the environmental qualities include:

Tretford® Cord Carpet is certified Global Green Tag – GreenRate Level A with LCA rate – GOLD – for Green Star projects.

Standard format for Tretford Roll is 200cm wide broadloom.

Samples are available in 100x100mm format. For any special requests contact

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