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introducing tretford roll.

high-performance colour.

If natural and clean elegant lines is your fit-for-pupose material of choice,
allow us to introduce tretford roll in 80% natural fibre with a corded zen-like finish.
tretford fibre is sourced from Mongolian nomadic goat farmers, where coarse
cashmere is combed from the animal with care, then dyed unbleached for
superior appearance retention and soil hiding characteristics.


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tretford cord carpet roll is certified Global Green Tag – GreenRate Level A with
LCA rate GOLD for Green Star projects. 61 tretford roll colours vary from a palette
of three natural un-dyed cashmere tones, to the gentle ‘Colours-of-Mongolia’ palette,
and finally a palette of intense vibrant tones. tretford’s unique construction helps
reduce airborne dust and allergens, promote energy saving, and facilitates
excellent indoor acoustics. It should be every interior designers go-to essential.


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