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Tretford Environmental Policy

Environmental Protection & Pollution Reduction are Tretford® Priorities

Tretford’s natural fibre carpets are made with the highest grade Cashmere goat hairs from natural, sustainable resources.


Tretford is committed to pollution prevention and environmental protection. We aim to achieve the highest standards of environmental performance in the interest of all our stakeholders: employees, suppliers, customers, and also the local society in which we operate and the global society from which we draw our raw materials and into which we sell our products.


Tretford are committed to complying with all environmental legislation and regulations that may apply to the industry and we will make every effort to comply with the requirements of Integrated Pollution Control. We will adhere to the principles of responsible care and strive for continuous improvement in its implementation. Raw materials are sourced from suppliers who share our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Tretford carpets are manufactured to the highest environment standards with the lowest possible pollution emissions – download the ISO14001 and the EMS Manual below:

Improving your Ecology

Tretford does much more than enhance your space. Tretford carpet:

  • Performs as an air filter:
    • Reduces airborne dust and allergens, and
    • Improves indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Promotes energy savings, and
  • Facilitates excellent indoor acoustics

Tretford carpet is 70% to 80% goat hair fiber, which acts as a natural insulator of heat and sound. These breathable natural fibers are now proven to positively affect indoor air quality. Not to mention the extreme durability and longevity of Tretford even under the most punishing wear and tear.

Green Star

Tretford Cord Carpet in Roll  has Ecospecifier GreenTag Silver Plus GreenRate Level A. Level A Certified products will achieve full points under the GBCA materials calculators.


Download the GreenTag Certificates for Tretford:

Download the latest calculators for Interiors and Education below (for Tretford Roll):

Tretford is available in the following formats: