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Millennium, a new generation of future-proof carpet.
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By David Congram


Thanks to both genetic and learned meanings, picked up through common cultural or commercial exposure, colour psychology is capable of assigning many colours specific undertones.


Practicing What You Preach : modulyss’ NxtGen


This is true for every possible surface within architecture and design – without going overboard. Realising this, modulyss has recently launched their new collection, Millennium, a new generation of future-proof carpet.



One of its key ranges, Millenium NxtGen is available in 36 different shades and capable of mixing and matching with multiple shades from the other ranges in the collection as well as compatible colours from alternative collections in the modulyss portfolio.



Designers, you can transform commercial interior spaces at lightspeed and add a new dimension as you Mix&Match Millennium Nxtgen with the plank design of Millennium Txture and the geometrical pattern of Mxture.  With this almost endless array of colour nuances, projects can now achieve a truly unmatched degree of original and authentic design to suit an equally unmatched degree of different applications.


The Nxtgen range of sustainable colours.