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Global Solutions For The New Millennium

Millennium NxtGen speaks to the cultural variations in colour communication within the NATO headquarters.
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Global Solutions For The New Millennium

By David Congram


Having recently graced over 80,000 square metres of floor in the new NATO headquarters in Brussels, the Millenium range’s distinct low loop pile presents a uniquely durable attribute for high-traffic zones. Using more than six different colourways for this mammoth design scheme, the brainstrust behind the project were driven to achieve an inclusive, international environment that could speak to the cultural variations in colour communication.




Reflecting the unity and adaptability of the international facility, Millenium NxtGen’s specification in the new NATO headquarters responds to the corporation’s evolving needs on a global scale. Allowing for a configurable use of the building – of which modular carpet tile represents this versatility and flexibility on a micro scale (or, if you consider the mammoth 80,000sqm floorplate, macro scale!) – Millenum NxtGen’s unique durability, sustainability and aesthetic properties literally provide the ‘groundwork’ for NATO’s:


  • 1,500 personnel from national delegations
  • 1,700 international military and civilian staff
  • 600 staff from NATO agencies across the globe
  • and over 500 visitors per day



A close-up of Nxtgen carpet tile

Millennium Nxtgen carpet.



But what might this mean at a broader scale? After all, in the business of creating environments, don’t we want them to achieve a degree of inclusivity and salubriousness to benefit their many and varied end-users? The competitive landscape of contemporary design demands that the nature of our spaces are necessarily flexible: we revel in a freedom of texture, format, pattern and colour as the building blocks to truly authentic and original results.


As such, Millennium NxtGen’s 36 colour variants – each in a tufted 1/10th loop gauge, dual-tip sheared, loop pile texture – extends the already vast modulyss portfolio, while still seamlessly integrating with each of the brand’s separate lines. And yet, for the lucky architects and designers in Europe who’ve had the chance to work with this latest drop, the appearance and form of Millennium NxtGen is merely half of the picture.


New Millennium Nxtgen range.