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What happens when an influential contemporary artist matches his designs with a striking and durable carpet?

We’re proud supporters of the arts and it’s always an honour for us to help distribute the highest quality products to meet the industry’s needs. This year, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) showcased the works of TV Moore as part of their Influential Australian Artist series.

Photo Credit: Andrew Curtis

Moore uses a combination of sound and animation as central parts throughout his exhibit so the ACCA anticipated many roving art enthusiasts throughout the show. As a result, they needed to provide a flooring solution that could visually complement  Moore’s work while at the same time being durable enough to withstand many spectators as they walked through the exhibit.

An Exhibit Unconventional

We have worked with the ACCA before to provide complete flooring solutions for the Pipilotti Rist exhibition (showcased between December 2011 and March 2012). Thanks to its success combined with the anticipated interest in Moore’s work, we were happy to assist the ACCA with finding a durable and visually appealing floor covering.

A significant portion of TV Moore’s exhibition needed to be covered in a plush, brightly coloured carpet that spanned large sections of the ACCA’s galleries. Covering approximately 470 metres squared would not be a simple task, especially seeing as they required strong colours and a design that would be durable and manufactured to last. Thankfully, we had the appropriate solution in mind.

Photo Credit: Andrew Curtis

The Perfect Solution

To meet our client’s brief, we recommended Tretford carpet roll for several reasons. Moore’s work aims to grab peoples’ attention and hold it, so the floor colouring had to assist with this while also being comfortable and durable. The wide range of colours from Tretford were perfect for the exhibition and just what was needed to round out the design for Moore’ exhibit.

The ACCA expects to be visited by up to 11,250 people over the course of the event thanks to a combination of people’s interest in Moore’s work and a thorough marketing campaign across Melbourne. Tretford’s high performing qualities meant the carpet could handle the high volume foot traffic whilst resisting soiling so as to maintain its vibrant look.

Again Tretford carpet roll was the ideal solution because of its sustainable manufacturing, long life-span, and the wide range of colours that are on offer. Chilli 616 was the perfect colour choice to inspire passion and emotion and give off a hyper-real visual sensation to match the surrealism of the works. This is just one of a pallet of 61 colours (more than 35 colours available in tile format) aimed at the architectural and design industry and leading installation companies.

The spirited red colour was chosen for Moore’s exhibit and its vibrancy was even more impressive in real life than on screen. In fact, it was so impressive Moore himself had expressed his contentedness with the colour as it matched perfectly with his vision.


Photo Credit: Andrew Curtis

We’ll Be Ready For Whatever Comes Next

Carpet tiles, rolls, or rugs are items that we’ve covered before and it’s clear to see that carpet rolls were the perfect choice for the ACCA’s needs. Twelve rolls in total were enough to cover the huge enclosed space, bright enough to stand on its own, and durable enough to withstand thousands of curious art enthusiasts. The fact that the artist himself was delighted with the colour was even more heartening as we were more than happy to help.

The fuss-free unfurling of the Tretford rolls were easily set up and long enough to meet the needs of the exhibition, but there are other options that exist for different cases. Smaller exhibitions might benefit from a colour scheme constructed out of interchanging carpet tiles. Such an approach may turn out to be an exhibition piece all on its own, but the ideas are limitless for what you can create with carpet tiles.

Then, of course, is the option to implement rugs throughout a space. Rugs are the perfect solution for designers or curators who want to preserve some of the indoor environment while also being practical with the inclusion of rugs.

Until Next Time

If you’re designing a space or looking for inspiration for a location you’re decorating, it’s easy to get caught up in deciding between rolls, tiles, or rugs. Colours, materials, and shapes can also provide further avenues for artistic licence, so the options really are endless!

We were excited to work with the ACCA again and happy to help them find a solution that not only met but exceeded their needs.