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5 New ranges That Will Put The Sparkle Back Into Office Spaces.

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5 New ranges That Will Put The Sparkle Back Into Office Spaces.

Indulge in the delight of shimmering effects and subtle metallics with modulyss new glistening carpet tile collection Delight. This utterly enchanting range will radiate through your interior with unexpected turns and tricks of light, tantalising at every glance.

5 brilliant designs.

prepare to be dazzled.

delight in 5 diverse looks.

blaze. dusk. dawn. gleam. spark.

Delight is our sophisticated response to the mixed metallic trend. It’s comprised of 5 diverse carpet tile designs unified through a gloss accent and colour range. Day or night, Delight is ready to dazzle with its alluring looks for work and hospitality spaces. Introducing Blaze, Dusk, Dawn, Gleam and Spark.

blaze carpet design.

pixilated. clean. techno cool.

In a world marked by technological revolutions, the cool look of Blaze embodies our perpetually moving digital existence. This minituft carpet tile, made of 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarns, offers an industrial and minimal design with an ultra-clean and pixelated gloss effect.

dusk carpet design.

nature’s flare & shimmer.

Dusk captures the final flares of colour and shimmer as the light of day gradually turns to night. Not only does this carpet tile collection draw inspiration from nature with its organic yet geometric design, it also gives back to nature by using the sustainable ECONYL® yarn.

dawn carpet design.

shifting & muting atmospheric light.

As night turns back to day, Dawn celebrates the shifting and muting atmospheres of our galaxy with a radiating biophilic design. The organic patterned carpet tile, composed of regenerated ECONYL® yarns, evokes a dazzling marble effect lifting any commercial space.

gleam carpet design.

chic & mysterious. dull & gloss.

Gleam exudes luxury and comfort through its rich and shiny feel. Perfectly suited for hospitality spaces and luxury office areas, this carpet tile blends dull and glossy yarns to create a chic and mysterious mood, while being extraordinarily soft to the touch.

spark carpet design.

symphony of light.

The Spark collection lights up spaces with a sophisticated flicker. This loop pile carpet tile delivers a metallic glaze that subtly reflects and glimmers throughout your interior.

healthy carpets:

about modulyss.

modulyss is a Eurpoean based manufacturer and part of the Balta group which the second largest carpet mill group in Europe. Gibbon Group source from modulyss and represent the entire Australian market for them. modulyss designs are drawn from a Eurpoean influence. modulyss was the first EU manufacturer to use recycled fibres.

The Delight range is the 2018 release of products from modulyss. All carpets are Red list free, solvent and PVC free, GECA certified, incorporate 100% Econyl yarn (recycled commercial fishing nets), and bitumen backing made partially of recycled materials.

Environmental initiatives:

Rising to the challenge of global warming, selected carpet tiles are now available with low CO2 emissions in our CO2RE carbon offset initiative.

As part of the modulyss sustainable mission to reduce the Life Cycle Impact of each product, modulyss decided to join Healthy Seas as an associate partner member.

Thanks to the modulyss CARE end-of-life-solution, life-expired polyamide carpet tiles are sustainably recycled into regenerated raw materials and secondary fuel. The minerals are extracted from the carpet tiles and recycled into raw material for the cement production industry, which results in 50% recycling of our carpet tiles.