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Strong rubbing fastness, colour fastness, light fastness and 22 classic colours.


With a 22 colour palette and part of the First Collection of tufted loop pile carpet tiles, the First carpet tile range is the starting point that continues the theme of subtle beauty and low-key elegance through the coordinated ranges that complement it.  Add an extra dimension by combining First with First Absolute, First Blocks, First Lines, First Radiant, First Stripes, and First Waves.


First carpet tile is suitable for heavy project flooring use, such as hotel floors, office building floors, multi-level residential apartment floors, education institution floors, and retail facility and showroom floors.


First is GECA certified for Green Star projects.

STANDARD TILE is 50 x 50cm.  Laying options for First are monolithic,
brick, and quarter turn formats, as shown above.


NEW SHAPES (available with minimum order of 250sqm) are 100cm x 100cm,
100cm x 50cm plank, and 100cm x 25cm plank.  Laying options for First
New Shapes can be viewed here for a new dimension of creativity.

Samples are available in quarter tile format. For any special requests contact [email protected]

Product Specifications

Construction TUFTED 1/10″  LOOP PILE
Standard Backing Back2Back: Modified bitumen enhanced with a thermoplastic elastomer, reinforced with a glass fibre fleece covered with 100% PES fleece. 10% recycled content included
Optional Acoustic Backing dBack: modified bitumen enhanced with a thermoplastic elastomer, covered with a sound absorbing, recycled polyester felt. MOQ 100sqm
Total Weight 4300g/m2 with standard backing
Pile Weight 540 g/m2
Pile Above Backing 330 g/m2
Total Height 6.4mm with standard backing
Pile Height 2.9mm
Pile Density 0.114 g/cm3
Tuft Density 156 m2
Standard Tile Size 50cm x 50cm
Optional Tile/Plank Sizes 25cm x 100cm | 50cm x 100 cm | 1m x 1m  (Min Qty 250m2)
Box Size 5m²   (4m2 for optional dback)
Pallet Size 20 boxes
Number of Colours 22 colours

Performance Specifications

Classification EN 1307 / 33- LC1
Castor Chair Suitability EN 985 / A : continuous use
Anti-soil Treated I-Protect®
Fire Resistance ISO 9239.1 with standard backing
Fastness to Light ISO 105-B02 ≥ 7
Rubbing Fastness EN ISO 105-X12 ≥4
Colour Fastness to Water EN ISO 105-E01 ≥4
Thermal Resistance ISO 8302 / 0.051 m²K/W with standard backing
Impact Noise Rating ISO 8302 / 0.047 with standard backing
Sound Absorption ISO 354 Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 with standard backing αs 0,01 0,04 0,07 0,19 0,29 0,34
Permanent Antistatic ISO 6356 ≤ 2 kV
Transversal Resistance ISO/DIS 10965 ≤ 109 Ohm with standard backing
Dimensional Stability EN 986 max. 0,2 %

Environmental Specifications

Green Star GECA 50-2011 v2 – ‘Carpets’ – Level A GBCA recognition
Recycled Content 56% Overall recycled content
End of life Re-use: At the end of life, after cleaning, carpet tiles can be re-used in non-critical areas, to extend the product life.Recycling: Carpet tiles can be used as raw material for the backing of new carpet tiles in our back2back program.CARE: Partnership modulyss®/Vanheede Environment Group in which carpet tiles are converted into secondary fuel to reduce CO2 emissions significantly. The minerals are extracted from the carpet tiles and recycled into raw material for the cement production industry, which results in 50% recycling of modulyss® carpet tiles.
LEED Product contributes toward satisfying Credit 4.3 under LEED®. Products are not reviewed under LEED®, LEED® credit requirements cover the performance of materials in aggregate, not the performance of individual products of brands.

Technical Information

Warranty 15 Years
Specified Adhesive Modu-tak – PS adhesive available from Gibbon Group

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