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Green Star Recognition – Its all in the Details

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Green Star Recognition – Its all in the Details


Detailing is key when undertaking green building projects, however the devil is in the details and an otherwise highly environmentally responsible building can lose much of its green credentials by discounting smaller aspects of the build. Environmentally responsible buildings need to encompass so much more than simply an implementation of technologies in order to offset carbon emissions.

The Australian green building industry is however, recognising the importance of the details, awarding green buildings and their key features handsomely for their attention to a sustainable innovation.

Specific elements of a build that are gaining much attention for their relevance to green projects are flooring solutions. Leading the way with a number of key sustainable flooring solutions are the Gibbon Group’s product range Tretford, with both Tretford Cord Carpet and Tretford ECO Tile receiving a GreenRate Level B interim certification while they undergo the complete Global GreenTagCertTM Life Cycle Assessment.

This is a high achievement for the company and means that when either of the two products are implanted into a project, they will be privy to 100% of available credits under the Materials Calculator for Carpets and Flooring in the current Calculator for Green Star projects (which include Office Interior v1.1, Education v1 and Healthcare v1 developments).

The Tretford Cord Carpet and ECO Tile are already receiving industry acclaim after being implemented into the renowned University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Student space development, designed by Australian architects Woods Bagot. Both carpet products have a face fibre that is made in the majority from goat hair, so they are renewable in nature, highly durable and inherently anti-static. These qualities make them ideal for workspaces, which along with their extensive 35 plus colour palettes, were the leading factors as to why they were chosen to be included in such a notable project.

Details are everything. The green integrity of an entire project can be undermined by the smallest of details if overlooked. Tretford and its eco-preferable products are ensuring that architects and designers are able to produce quality, environmentally responsible developments, and are therefore finding reward for their strong green commitment.

Download Tretford GreenRate Level B Interim Certificate – TILE

Download Tretford GreenRate Level B Interim Certificate – ROLL