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Part of the Handcraft Collection – ‘where nature meets craft’ – Leaf – speaks of the falling of leaves to mark the changing of seasons.  Nature gives us so much to work with.  Colours, shapes and patterns.  But also, materials to construct everything we can dream of.  As does the Handcraft Collection where you can combine the multiple textures of Moss / Leaf / Willow into one organic piece.


Modulyss’ journey has resulted in a partnership with the “Healthy Seas” project – to play a part in helping clean up the rubbish in the oceans by “turning fishing nets into carpet tiles”.  This has meant the creation of beautiful ranges like Leaf through their ECO collections, using 100% recycled Econyl yarn.


Leaf is GECA certified for Green Star projects.  Handcraft Collection:  Moss | Leaf | Willow

Standard format for Leaf is 50 x 50cm.

Other tile and plank formats are available with minimum order of 250sqm.

Samples are available in quarter tile format. For any special requests contact [email protected]

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