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large-scale vibrancy

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large-scale vibrancy

(Image: Epstein, 2015)

Modulyss has had an international impact with its flooring solution being used in a range of different industries including, but not limited to, hotels, restaurants, and all manners of businesses. Most notably has been at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, United States. Clocking in at roughly the size of 4 footy stadiums, there was a significant portion of carpet produced to meet the needs of the popular location.



To put it in the words of the designer, they were asked, “to design a new custom made carpet for the entire terminal. This task required our designers to come up with a colorful, playful, yet structured new carpet tile design for nearly 250,000 square feet of public space. To put that in perspective – that’s more or less the equivalent of 4 football fields.”

Modulyss carpet tiles are known for their supreme durability and with the United States’ second busiest airport needing something that can look good and last long enough to withstand intense foot traffic.



Not only that, but Modulyss have another secret element up their sleeve which was helped make their design decision very simple. The designers “utilised modulyss carpet tiles which are specifically engineered to capture and retain fine dust, a major maintenance and air quality issue in large public spaces like Terminal 5. Featuring high-grade and sustainable yarns, these carpet tiles help improve O’Hare’s air quality and, in essence, act like miniature dust traps.”



Like most design projects, it’s never a matter of one size fitting all. New design dimensions were added to the creativity of the layout. The ‘First Absolute’ tiles are “comprised of dyed yarn that allowed us to developed a unique look that features a mixture of nuanced colors and vibrant pinstripes in a multitude of hues.”

Something that sets Modulyss aside is their ability to create custom design solutions, which is actually something we pride ourselves on as well.



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