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NGV Trugo-GoGo! Exhibition

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NGV Trugo-GoGo! Exhibition

PHOOEY Architects and artist Flatland OK have combined creative forces to install a child-friendly version of Trugo, a bespoke indoor alley to prepare the next generation of Trugo sports persons.

Besides AFL, Trugo is the other sport originating from Melbourne. It was invented by Newport Railway workers in the 1920’s. They used a sledgehammer to strike a rubber wheel between their legs down the centre of a red rattler train carriage. The game expanded into sixteen clubs around Victoria and is played on lawn greens. Today eight clubs remain.

Tretford carpet was used throughout to create a fun landscape for the game, using bunched sections to divide a player’s area and colour to define each players “pitch”.



Where: NGV International, 180 St Kilda Road (Ground Floor)

When: Saturday 22nd March



Project: NGV Gallery – Trugo

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Architect/Designer: Phooey Architects & Flatland OK

Product: Tretford Carpet

Photographer: Gary Somerfield & Predrag Cancar