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26 Street Design – own office

26 Street Design – own office

Tretford Silver Birch was installed into the offices of 26 Street Design in Brisbane and we loved hearing their feedback. It was exciting to hear others get as passionate about Tretford carpet as we are!

“The Tretford range is a luxury to experience.


The moment we saw the samples we got excited to use the carpet in our own offices.  First and foremost the colour selections are very modern and up to date with what is happening in the interior world.  Carpet colours are something we still struggle with, as collections don’t seem to get updated that often.

In our practice, we emphasize on texture rather than pattern.  The goat hair is the perfect organic yet professional canvas to our space.  Now having lived with it for a few months, I can firmly say that it is forgiving in terms of stains, and the organic fibres are easy to clean.


It has set a calming mood to our design, and has added that special detail we were looking for.”


Project name: 26 Street Design – own offices
Location: Brisbane, QLD
Architect: 26 Street Design
Photographer: Toby Scott
Product: Tretford Cord Carpet
Colours: Silver Birch