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IGLU Student Accommodation

IGLU Student Accommodation sets a new benchmark for residential amenity for university students.

IGLU  Student Accommodation

Bates Smart has designed 3 new multistorey developments in Sydney and Brisbane. These buildings have set a new benchmark for student accommodation where students enjoy high levels of residential amenity and access to extensive communal facilities set within a sub-tropical garden.

Pattern, texture and colour provide an animated architecture that enriches its surroundings and expresses the vitality of student life. The entry off Mary Street (Brisbane) opens into a large open-plan lobby space accommodating a student lounge, study areas and reception. Within the lobby a generous double-height space opens out to a lush, vertical sub-tropical garden.


Project name: IGLU Student Accommodation
Location: Brisbane
Photographer: Brett Boardman
Architect: Bates Smart
Range: Tretford Custom Rugs
Colours: Charcoal, Heather, Burnt Orange, Tundra, Orange Squash, Wild Rice, Burgundy, Silver Birch