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Mikomax Smart Office

Mikomax mixed and matched modulyss@ Fashion& and Colour& to create these smart office looks.
Mikomax Smart Office

Mikomax Smart Office is an expert in designing offices combining its expertise in office furniture production with its own concept of implementing it within modern office environment. Recently Mikomax turned its hand to Fashion. The worlds of fashion, furniture, finishes and interior design have never been separate – but now they’re more entwined than ever before. Mikomax created a statement with a mix-and-match of modulyss@ Fashion& and Colour& modular tiles, expertly cut and combined at install.

Project name: Mikomax Smart Office
Product: modulyss@
Range/s: Fashion&, Colour&
Shape: 50cm x 50cm cut diagonally by installer
Colours: 979, 942, 996, 673, 699, 649, 585, 580, 398, 431, 482
Photography: modulyss@

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