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MLC Girls Grammar

MLC Girls Grammar

This 4,000 sq. m. development is a state-of-the-art facility incorporating the most advanced intelligence of childhood learning and education. An environment where the interior learning “studios” flow out into landscaped gardens encouraging children to create their own learning experience working in groups and teams where teachers are guides rather than instructors.

The environment is sensory rich and reliant on advanced technology to keep students connected to external resources. A function centre on the roof is provided for learning and social events and enjoys panoramic city views.

The building consists of large span flexible floor plates providing maximum internal flexibility. The three floor plates are arranged to create a village with a central piazza forming a communal focal point for students, parents and teachers around a café and congregation space. Learning studios are all north facing with operable glass doors providing access to the landscaped garden. This northern façade is fully operable allowing the building to “breathe”.

Project name: MLC Girls Grammar
Location: Burwood, NSW
Photography: Willem Rethmeier
Architect: Lippmann Partnership
Product: Tretford Carpet
Colour/s: Blackberry + various