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St Luke’s Anglican School

St Luke’s Anglican School

St Luke’s Anglican School believes in the small school approach; enabling learning which nurtures the individual, and providing one school for life, and education for life.

In 2015 development commenced on the new Middle School Precinct; a building which aims to be a catalyst and enabler for new learning and teaching for their middle school. As a hub for active learning, the building will provide spaces for collaboration, withdrawal and inquiry based learning, through the use of transparent learning spaces and a transparent staff drop-in area.

The eight GLA’s, accompanied by five independent learning areas, are enclosed by glazed walls, allowing visibility both internally, into the main flexible learning area and other learning areas, and externally, to the green heart of the campus.


Project name: St Luke’s Anglican School – New Middle School Precinct
Location: Bundaberg, QLD
Photography: Paul Beutel Photography
Architect: McLellan Bush Architects
Product: Modulyss Carpet Tiles
Ranges: First Absolute, Cambridge Xtra