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Tretford: Colours of Mongolia collection

Colours inspired by the Mongolian landscapes.

Gibbon Group have put together a collection of Tretford colours inspired by the indigenous peoples, landscape, culture and rugged environment which nurtures the goats that produce this beautiful “cashmere” carpet.

The nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people is particularly captivating, as they subsist off the land and seem to remain relatively untouched by Western influence.


The landscapes themselves are breathtaking and are in a sense, symbolic of the simplicity of the Mongolian tribal and nomadic lifestyles that they live.


The story behind the material

Tretford have sourced their goat hair from Mongolian goat herders for over 20 years and have played a vital role in supporting the viability and traditions of these indigenous animals, communities and customs.


All of the Cashmere goat hair used in Tretford carpets is dyed without bleaching, which not only gives our carpets their stunning, naturally rich colours, it eliminates the use of harmful toxins in the dying process.


Discover the beauty of the Colours of Mongolia collection.


How will you put them together?

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