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Fashion& Range

This season’s hottest look has just hit the market.

 It’s not flooring, it’s fashion … daahling.

There’s more to style than meets the eye!  modulyss introduces Fashion& combining of-moment carpet tile looks.  The Fashion& collection brings trending carpet tiles in 36 hot new colourways.  Ready-designed looks, one to suit your every room.  Our Fashion& carpet tiles are full of character.  Because personality never goes out of style.  Suffering from a split-style disorder?  No sweat, with Fashion& you’re free to mix & match.

Pop, sure to dazzle. This look represents bravery in design that won’t go unnoticed.

Retro, a style retrospective. Explore eras bygone with a mix of yellow, beige and browns that haven’t lost their verve.

Scandinavian, soft minimalism. Representing calming pastel hues that showcase a subtler side.

Grey, style it silver. Calm and collected in both pattern and hue.

New Luxury is honest opulence in its blue, aqua and navy forms, design that’s at the edge of contemporary.

New Natural, go ‘au naturel’ with the mysterious greens and blues tones.