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tretford ranges.

(tretford ROLL shown)

Tretford Folder now available in digital format.

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tile, roll & rugs.

tretford is born of nature and bathed in colour. It’s minimal aesthetic form is available in 3 formats – 2 metre roll, modular tile, and custom Australian made rugs. Take a look at each of the formats below.

  • Tretford Roll

    The ribbed structure of tretford ROLL cord carpet creates exceptionally clean, elegant lines, central to the overall final 'feel'.

  • Tretford Rugs

    tretford RUGS are custom designed from your concept or ours and can be scaled to meet your requirements. The Gibbon Group design team can assist you with the whole process from start to finish.

  • Tretford INTERLIFE Tile

    tretford INTERLIFE Tile cord carpet with natural Mongolian 'cashmere' goat hair, is designed to be installed quarter-turn and achieves a clean even structured look.

office, education, multi-residential & retail.

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