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Fluid& 990

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Product Description

Standard sample 25cm x 25cm

  • Perfectly imperfect pattern
  • A bold splash of colour
  • Wonderful sense of fluidity and movement
  • Tufted 1/12″ loop tip sheared printed
  • 49% overall recycled content
  • Pile is 100% PA6 Aqualon
  • Certified Class 33 it is suitable for intensive project use
  • Standard tile size is 50 x 50cm
  • 100 x 100cm, 50 x 100cm, & 25 x 100cm available with minimums
  • Standard backing is ‘Back2Back’


Designer notes:

  • Darker colour mix recommended for high traffic areas
  • Lighter colours recommended for low traffic areas – use as accents
  • Continuous textured effect, or shape with planks & tile
  • Mix&Match with other ranges

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