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Sisal 532

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Product Description

  • Sisal is a 2 STAR colour (see appearance retention guide below).
  • Sisal is available in BOTH Roll and Tile format (see sizes in product info tab).


Tretford Cord Carpet (roll format) is made in Ireland using 80% Goat Hair, 15% Nylon and 5% Viscose. It’s construction is unique due to the fusion bonding of the fibres and is commercial grade, however is used in many applications including residential, retail & hospitality.
Tretford is also available in Tile format (limited colour palette only) which has a material composition of 70% goat hair, 30% nylon for extra heavy duty use and comes in a 50cm x 50cm size.
Due to the construction of Tretford, it can be cut in any direction without fraying or unravelling which allows you to create endless combinations of patterns and designs – whether it be a whole floor or custom rugs. Large format samples (50x50cm) can be requested for project specific jobs through our contact form.


Learn more about Tretford Cord Carpet

Download Tretford ROLL Technical Data Sheet

⇓ Download Tretford TILE Technical Data Sheet: PVC / ECO-TILE



STAR Ratings are an appearance retention guide only and are as follows:

  • 1 STAR  = colours best suited to medium / light traffic areas
  • 2 STAR  = colours best suited to heavy traffic areas
  • 3 STAR = colours best suited to extra heavy traffic areas

Additional Information


Browns, Neutrals


Solid, Linear

Tile Size

50 x 50cm

Roll Width

2m wide broadloom

Appearance Retention Guide

** 2 Star – colours best suited to heavy traffic areas