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be reinvigorated

TRETFORD CUSTOM RUGS breathe new life into New Parliament House Canberra.

Tretford Custom rugs are used to add character, personality, or much needed colour to living or workspaces. It’s a simple and cost effective solution when you’re looking at redesigning and remodeling a room. Designers can pick a rug colour, or have one custom designed, and use it liven up your space.

Take New Parliament in Canberra, for example, where Tretford Custom rugs were rolled out to create communal spaces that promoted dynamic atmospheres for discussion.


Scale was a consideration where the custom rugs enhanced the surrounding elements in the space and reflected the dedicated colour palette on the different floor levels. Note the influence on the walls, furniture, and room partitions.

Rugs can offer a vibrant sense of freedom that’s cost-effective and artistically liberating. Some designers we work with use rugs as anchor points for their interior design, where the colour choices are like a point of reference.

Designers use rugs to determine certain ‘zones’ determining one space’s purpose over another. The above rug, in an open space with its defined boundaries and  furniture positioning, helps denote its own separate ‘space’ ­- no walls needed.

Scale and  positioning also were important considerations where the dimensions of the rug needed to be able to accommodate, for example, a chair – both when it’s tucked under a table or when it’s pushed out. This is to ensure that the occupants don’t push off onto a different surface material.

Designing a temporary space? No worries. Rugs don’t have to be a permanent solution, and unlike carpets, don’t have to be set in place with certainty.

Have custom rugs been an option in your design solutions in the past? What made you choose them over carpets? If you’re working on a new brief or searching for design inspiration, why not get in touch with a member of our knowledgeable team? We’d be happy to lend a hand: