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Sustainability In the Carpet and Flooring Industry

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Sustainability In the Carpet and Flooring Industry


If you’re a business owner, do you know whether your carpet was made using environmentally sustainable practises? Well, according to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), it’s clear that not many people do and the answer might surprise you. Many businesses, hospitals, schools, and other professional environments are actually using, and have been using, environmentally sustainable and sourced materials to create their flooring solutions.

“This is particularly true in the carpet industry, where sustainable manufacturing has become the norm and where recent innovations in product development have resulted in flooring products that are more stain resistant, more durable, and longer lasting than ever before.”

Even internationally, the carpet industry has been leading the way insofar as environmental sustainability is concerned. Not only that, but CRI found the carpet manufacturing industry has led the way to implementing environmental strategies in many factors of their production process,

“Over the past decade, carpet manufacturers have allocated tremendous resources of money and manpower to improve sustainability within their individual companies as well as the industry overall.

They’ve made great strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption and reliance on fossil fuels; in some cases substituting renewable energy sources. And they’ve increased the use of both post-industrial and post-consumer waste materials in carpet production.”

If only other industries were as switched on and thought forward to create products that were still durable and high quality, yet were created through environmentally sustainable means. For the average customer, environmental sustainability may not be a focus but is an added benefit as they are likely seeking a few things.

The CRI explained this by saying that “consumers are getting the most bang for [their] buck when choosing carpet [which] really boils down to three things:

  • Selecting the right carpet for the right space
  • Installing that carpet properly and efficiently
  • Maintaining that carpet via regular and specialized cleaning and maintenance over its lifecycle.”


It’s often great peace of mind knowing that the floor on which you’re working or learning has been produced through environmentally sustainable means. At Gibbon Group, we only align ourselves with suppliers who share our environmentally conscious perspective so you’ll know that any carpets or materials that we provide are sustainably produced. As the rest of the world catches up, we guess you could say the carpet industry is laying the groundwork for many other businesses and industries to follow its lead.

Is environmental sustainability a concern to you and your business or home? Did you know that there’s a good chance your carpet has been sourced in a sustainable fashion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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