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sydney indesign launch

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sydney indesign launch


We were very excited to have been exhibiting at Sydney Indesign 2015 and this year was a huge success! It was fantastic to have been among leading designers, influencers, and creatives who share a passion for design and style! Over the multi-day extravaganza, we had plenty to keep us busy and with a steady stream of designers throughout our exhibit, it all seemed to happen so fast!

We launched some fantastic new products and ran our very own competition which gave entrants a chance to win a custom-designed Tretford Carpet worth up to $2,500! We had a ball and hope you did too. Plus, don’t forget to check out our photo gallery to see if you can spot yourself!

Our New Collections

We had a total of three artist collections that were custom designed by leading creatives including the “Curiously Positioned” collection by Greg MacLaughlin. The pieces were created using his unique programming method. In a truly 21st century approach to flooring production, MacLaughlin wrote a computer program that generated compositions that came about through chance.

His program churned out hundreds of potential designs, which MacLaughlin curated himself to find the compositions that stood out the most. When asked about how he decided on the finished products, MacLaughlin said, “the key was to create shapes and colour relationships that would shift very subtly as people move about and over the rugs”. When you see one for yourself, you’ll see exactly what he means!


Kolor Brix, produced by Michael Phillips, was designed after his experience with the built environment, publication design, screen-printing and more. Following the style of Bauhaus, Kolor Brix implements bold, thick colours that project a statement and demand attention. Phillips was inspired to use Tretford rugs owing to their fibre, colour palette and ease of shape-making as well as the use of factory off-cuts which also helps to reduce waste. Kolor Brix was created with scale in mind, so the template patterns can be scaled and replicated to suit the needs of a whole range of interiors including both domestic and commercial areas.


Finally, our last new collection was designed by Martin Reid who boasts a multi-disciplinary background in industrial design and architecture. With a passion for texture, colour, and form Reid drew inspiration from the magical interplay between these elements. Reid’s BLOCK collection is the product of years experience developing products, built environments, and exhibition installations for many influential brand leaders in Australia’s design industry. With various colourways, formats and styles to pick from, there’s a BLOCK custom rug to suit any interior locale.


Each of our new collections are made using Tretford textiles, which are manufactured in Ireland using natural goat hair fibre from the flocks of Mongolia. Tretford are world renowned for producing high quality products that are created using sustainably sourced materials. As a natural thread, goat hair is a breathable fibre that is proven to positively impact indoor air quality. Better still, goat hair fibre also works as a natural insulator for both heat and sound.


Owing to their rich history, Tretford have created their new colour palette that is influenced directly from the goats’ home country of Mongolia. Aptly titled ‘Colours of Mongolia’, the collection draws ideas from the people and locations of a culture relatively untouched by Western influences. The fibres have a special ‘memory’ that springs back unlike some other synthetic fibres. The new colour ranges are each named after a distinctly Mongolian idea and just might be the design inspiration you’re looking for.


We used our custom rug ranges as part of our Tretford Rug Puzzle, which gave attendees the chance to win one of three custom-designed pieces valued up to $2,500! We chose our lucky winners from whomever could  solve the puzzle the fastest and the Tretford puzzles themselves were modelled after the design of our new collections for an added creative touch.

Over the course of Indesign Sydney, more than 160 interior designers, architects and creatives, had a chance to test their skills and attempt to complete the challenge! Congratulations to our lucky winners who now each own a beautifully produced custom rug!

Piece Together The Perfect Flooring Solution With Modulyss

Our new Modulyss carpet tiles are the answer to your flooring needs. Tiles offer relative ease and creative freedom for designers and those looking to spruce up their indoor environments. Better yet, the latest Modulyss collection opens new dimensions in creativity owing to its new shapes and a whole suite of new selections.

We are the exclusive Australian distributors for Modulyss who have been manufacturing high quality modular carpet tiles for the contract market for years. Inspired by European style and design, the new collection is truly unique. As part of our new range, there are now new sizes available in 25 x 100 cm and 50 x 100 cm and 100 x 100 cm to better accommodate your flooring needs. Learn more about Modulyss’ suite of flooring ideas here!


Award Winning Fabrics For Every Designer

It wasn’t just flooring solutions that we had on show! Brentano fabrics have been producing high quality textiles that are both environmentally sustainable and stylishly creative to give designers a dynamic range of colours and textures to experiment with. This year, Brentano Equinox won big at the International Interior Design Awards for Hospitality Design (IIDA/HD) in Las Vegas, for their product designs category!

Brentano are highly durable fabrics and come in ranges suitable for both indoor and outdoor use owing to their resistance to bleach, water, solvents, and even fire! Design director Iris Wang has worked as part of Brentano to create fabrics that are suitably designed for the aged-care and hospitality industries for the past 25 years. The award winning design, Equinox, caught the judge’s attention with its starry tessellation pattern that shimmers from dark to light and back to dark as a metaphor for night and day. Named after constellations, you can check out the award winning Equinox collection here!

Brentano - Equinox 4560

We are very proud of our 2015 Indesign exhibit! With product launches, competitions, and quality conversations and insights, this year’s event was better than ever. We joined over 300+ design brands, across 30+ flagship showrooms to create a celebration of outstanding design for three whole days.

With over 95+ year’s worth of experience in flooring solutions, we’re continually proud to showcase our high quality products that maintain forward thinking and world class designs. We loved connecting with everyone during our exhibition, while sharing drinks and ideas that left us confident that the future of the design industry is an exciting one!

Were you at Sydney Indesign 2015? Let us know what you enjoyed the most and what you’d like to see at next year’s exhibit!