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the power of custom design.

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the power of custom design.

By David Congram.


As lead times shorten and competition among our commercial clients is rising, leading brands prove that custom design is more important than ever.


the time-saving power of outsourcing.


In an inspired attempt to combat the often exploitative nature of our working culture and provide our clients with the sustained and singular attention they require, many of us in the A+D community are turning to the time-saving power of outsourcing. Calling upon the advanced skill of specialist designers, manufacturers and supply houses, these custom design solutions are specifically conceived to add value back to the client’s brief while also offering outstanding design solutions minutely considered to any client and any user’s exacting needs.


Celia Harmon of Gibbon Group’s in-house custom design team works in collaboration with our industry’s most-active practitioners.


With the M.O. of “bringing you flooring products of quality that have a point of difference”, the team at Gibbon Group Architectural understand that unique and tailored design processes are central to the success of the final result.


Deakin Unversityi, by WMK Architecture (Photo: Rachael Dere)


Through understanding the unique challenges our creative practitioners face, Gibbon Group has created a new team in their Tretford Custom Rug division that is committed to assisting designers in fulfilling their creative brief without the laborious task of drawing up each and every detail needed to produce a piece of custom flooring.


Deakin Unversityi design numbered for production


Committed to supporting designers through the creation of outstanding pieces and a fully a consultative service, the in-house Gibbon Group design team has created a design process that consistently speaks to the innovation and individuality at the core of our clients’ brand identities in the commercial landscape.


Deakin University design, exploded & dimensioned for production


After initial briefing, and preliminary analysis of spatial attuning, the in-house Gibbon Group design team can work off anything you give them – from CAD files, rough sketches or even just a chat – to determine required custom elements.

Travelport, by Morphos Design (Photo: Tyrone Branigan)


But as a custom solution, this is only half the story behind the project’s success. After all, custom design solutions require custom design processes – a space which Tretford Custom Rugs dominates quite like no other. As a complete custom service, Tretford Rugs allow for absolutely bespoke design outcomes – an almost infinite array of shape, size, and colour profiles. For over four generations, Gibbon Group continues a tradition of meeting the needs of architects, designers, builders and key stakeholders.


Travelport design dimensioned for production


Bringing, in their own words,
“flooring products of quality
that have a point of
difference”, get in touch with
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