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The Gibbon family first formed the Group in 1920. Four generations and almost 100 years on, the herd distributes a wide variety of commercial carpet offerings through its national supply chain.

Tretford TILE

Tretford tile is manufactured from carded goat hair fibres formed into a continuous corrugation and bonded to a PVC backing. 70% of Tretford carpet tile fibres come from Cashmere goat hair from Mongolia , which is incredibly durable, unexpectedly soft and is inherently anti-static. The goat hair used in Tretford carpet comes from hairs that are too course to use in Cashmere cloth but are exceptional for carpet manufacture. See more information on Tretford Carpet in ROLL or CUSTOM RUG format.


Technical Data


Pile Height: ca 5mm Total Weight: ca 5kg/m² Total Height: ca 8mm Colour Fastness to Light: (BS 1006:1990) 5 Thermal Resistance: 1.76 togs Sound Absorption (NRC): 0.21 (250-2,000 Hz) Flammability: Euroclass C fl – s1 (B1) Suitable for use with underfloor heating: Yes   Tretford is also available in broadloom & rug format. Warranties include Wear Guarantee and a Lifetime Anti-Ravel/Non-Zipper Guarantee.


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