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Thinking about redesigning your office or working to design an office space for a client? Then you should definitely be considering all the potential benefits that can be brought to a team that extends beyond just a new aesthetic. Changes to an office environment can go on to improve employee mood, office creativity, boost concentration, and so much more.

Fast Company recently looked at office design strategies that will make employees happier and we couldn’t agree more. Looking at the design or fit out for an office space is way more important than people give it credit for and Fast Company put it brilliantly when they emphasised the importance of the office as more than just a space. “Like the devices and software that power information businesses, office design must be viewed as a tool that we can leverage in the pursuit of productivity, wellbeing and engagement”.

So how does an office space boost productivity, mood, wellbeing and more? Should you aim for open-plan or a privacy-focussed space? Well, it depends on the industry. A legal or accountancy firm might not benefit from having everything out in the open, but may instead benefit from enclosed spaces that still offer a creative flair such as flooring designs that extend onto walls or windows.


Fast Company reported that “a survey of over 90,000 workers, found when an open office sacrifices focus to collaboration, both suffer. People who are constantly distracted from their core work grow deeply frustrated and therefore less likely to socialise and collaborate with their coworkers.”

That being said, it entirely depends on the business. An open plan office environment might work best for spaces that require frequent collaboration, creativity, and areas to share and grow with your colleagues. It might not be as successful in a legal or accountancy firm or medical practise where privacy is often sought but it does have its benefits.


For creative, collaborative spaces like creative and digital agencies, educational institutions and the like, closed-in spaces don’t suffice so you’ve got to make it work. Just remember that the end goal is not to just make things look pretty, but enrich employees’ working experience to boost their mood and, in turn, their productivity.

Be inspired by creative fit outs and not envious! To help you shape a better idea of what sort of office redesign you should look for, you have all the tools you need. Ask the people who are going to be working there! Consult your staff or glean more information from your client so that they tell you more about what sort of culture the space is going to breed.

Take financial services agency Ansarada, for example, who sought to create a workspace that encouraged collaboration, preserve its architectural history all while weaving in the latest 21st century technologies. Sustainably produced Tretford carpet suited the space perfectly owing to its durability, colour-scheme, and acoustic properties.

When searching for inspiration, Fast Company also has some great pointers to keep you moving in the right direction. “Personal taste, office culture and the community surrounding your office will all influence your style. In the process, ask employees about the office environment—find out what helps or inhibits their work before you assume that you have the answers.”

A new office environment has many benefits to employees and prospective clients alike. While you can be inspired by different and well-known designs, create a space that best suits the people who work in it, they’ll appreciate you all the more for it.

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